As we got off the bus, we took in the views and breathed in the fresh mountain air. Wow! Switzerland was nothing short of fabulous. The weather was cooler and there were no big crowds or museum reservations. This change in the tour was exactly what we needed.

The bus could not take us directly to Mürren. When we arrived in Stechelberg, the tall cliff edges were breathtaking, but it wasn’t until we rode the gondola (not the Venice boat kind) and arrived in Mürren that we were able to truly appreciate the magnitude of the mountain ranges.

We noticed right away how active everyone was. From walking the city streets, hiking on mountain trails, paragliding, mountain climbing, and skiing, everyone was enjoying the great outdoors.

Swiss Wood Chalet
Mürren, Switzerland
Gondola from Mürren to
Sclithorn, Switzerland
Stechelberg, Switzerland
Marienkapelle Church
Mürren, Switzerland

Guess what? It’s time to sing along with Julie Andrews again.

The hills are alive with the sound of

Well, what did you expect? After all, these are the Swiss Alps not the Austrian Alps. While most of the cows had already been moved down from the mountain pastures for the season, we were thrilled to find a few grazing along the Northface Trail. We were also fortunate to see a “cow parade” walking down the streets.

Group Highlights

Service Station Cafeteria View
Bellinzona, Switzerland
Group Stop for Photos
Lungern, Switzerland
Mountain Village
Mürren, Switzerland

Personal Highlights

Local Cuisine Spotlight

Fondue – Traditional Swiss Dish

Dip Bread into Cheese Fondue and Roll in Cracked Pepper

Can be ordered as a meal or order a smaller version for an appetizer. Heavenly!!



Not sure which dessert to get? Check if you can order an assortment of mini desserts and try them all!

Worried you might be too full for dessert? Consider sharing. You don’t want to miss the wonderful Swiss chocolate.


After all the walking during the day, we were looking forward to a relaxing evening.

We ate dinner at the Eiger Hotel. Our server was terrific. She helped us with our dinner selections. Everything was delicious.

With full tummies, we walked in the moonlight back to our hotel. We certainly enjoyed our time in Switzerland. We would have loved to stay longer so maybe a future trip back to Switzerland is in order.

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