Individual Days - Germany

Open Air Museum - Arnhem

September 12, 2023

It was hard to leave Haarlem and Amsterdam. Such an amazing start to our trip. On the way to Germany, we stopped in Arnhem to visit the Open Air Museum. Cultural buildings from all over the Netherlands are displayed here – quaint houses, village storefronts, and working windmills. Employees were dressed in traditional clothes and explained what it was like to live in that time.

We visited windmills, laundry, a blacksmith, a paper press, a brewery, a greenhouse, and more.

Carabinieri - Military

Lunch at Museum

Pannenkoek (Dutch Pancake) is a traditional Dutch comfort food. It can be served sweet or savory. We were provided 3 different types – bacon, cheese, and cinnamon with dried fruits, and powdered sugar. All were served family style. I received a meat-covered salad with oil and vinegar. The food was fabulous.

Pannenkoek with bacon
Loaded salad

Hotel Alkölnischer Hof

We walked from our bus drop-off location outside of town and walked to our hotel. Our group was split between 3 buildings. We got an apartment in the newest building – Room Noir.

Main building
Shower has super HOT water


We had a few hours to walk around this quaint, little town.


We ate dinner at the Hotel Altkölnischer Hof. It was excellent! We started with a carrot ginger cream soup, pork steak with French fries and grilled vegetables for the main course, and walnut ice cream with egg liquor for dessert.

A thunderstorm hit during dinner. This was our first rain so far this trip. By the time we were finished, the main storm had passed. We borrowed an umbrella to walk back to the apartment in the light rain. The town was beautiful after the rain and the temperature was lowered which was a nice break.

We walked 6.2 miles today.

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